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The first ladies’ LaStone therapy and spa center with its own private beach, Opal spa and Massage, since Jan. 2018

Flagship vBeach at Ringstrassen Galerien, Vienna’s Central Shopping Mall, March – July 2017

Select Company of the Month, Therme Wien, September 2016

 Daily Newspaper Heute, 20th May 2016

Avida Summer 2016 Edition

Avida Fall 2016 Edition

Beach visits during lunch break for employees of Sonnenkönig company

Innovative Wellness Products, Beach Feeling and Beautiful Views

Virtual nature experiences thanks to the modern vBeach and vWindow

Business Areas / Customer Segments

Hotels, Fitness Clubs, Massage Therapies, Resorts and SPAs

Rehabilitation Centers, Nursing and Senior Citizens’ Homes

Events, Wedding Celebration, and Parties

Fairs, Showrooms, Restaurants and Waiting Rooms