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If you can’t go to the beach, why not bring the beach to you?

Research shows that spending time by the ocean has many positive effects on health and well-being. The notion that being near a beach makes one feel healthy is not new, of course. Doctors were prescribing trips to the shore as early as the 18th century. But only recently have scientists begun studying the ocean’s health benefits experimentally and came to astonishing results.

This motivated us to come up with a brand new idea to offer a holistic natural ambient beach experience by means of hi-tech audiovisual effects in combination with other natural components. vBeach can be used indoors, in wellness and spas, waiting rooms or restaurants, at the exhibitions, in the showrooms, fitness or yoga studios.

vBeach is offering a leading-edge holistic natural ambient beach experience  without having to use 3D glasses. Basically, one would have their own clean secure private indoor beach without the fear of tsunami, storms, insects or empty plastics bottles everywhere.

Major components creating the perfect tropical beach environment

  • vBeach-Software: 3D Simulation of sea water and lapping waves
  • Business Class Projector: Realistic digital projection of the sea
  • Surround Acoustic System: Sound of the sea(gulls) – subtle and stimulating
  • Background Wall Image: High-resolution large-format print fitting to the wall
  • Light Installation: Simulates sunshine – extra hint of realism
  • Wind Generator: A light breeze enhances the illusion of reality
  • Sand: Fine sand or plane for perfect reflection of the waves
  • Halotherapy: Natural, pure stone-salt air for circa 150 m3
  • Ambience: Marine scent, shells, deckchairs, treasure chest, decoration fruits and grass, etc.

• Area: 4 x 4 meters or more
• Height: 2.40 meters or higher
• Ground: Flat surface
• Ambient: Light No direct sunlight
• Power Supply: Standard Socket, 230 or 110 Volts

Key features and benefits
As our motto “Sync with Nature” we strive to bring nature spirit as truly and lively as possible to compensate for the artificial machinery industrial atmosphere. Through simulation of natural calming shore ambient it helps to increase productivity and creativity and strengthens concentration. Such seaside theme enables you to relax and create a space for recreation and inspiration.  It can also raise general well-being of the elderly, chronically ill, disabled people or those who cannot afford a trip to the beach.
vBeach can be experienced in the following locations:
Störkamp 34
22851 Norderstedt Germany
Ordering inquiries
Please contact your local representative or solution reseller for more information or get in touch with us at: vBeach(at)blueventures(dot)at