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Your modern relaxation window into the untouched nature


Enjoy the beauty, tranquility and harmony of unique natural landscapes to bring balance back to your body, mind and soul.

Teleportation in one of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world could become a reality. A view of breathtaking landscapes, mountains, forests, beach, sea, etc. is just a button away.

Solution at a glance
vWindow is a hi-tech decorative window which brings the positive energy of nature into your interior spaces by playing the highest-quality static recordings of untouched landscapes on an Ultra HD TV with the latest technology.
Through special atmosphere of the most breathtaking places in the world vWindow provides the exclusive setting as an ideal wellness retreat for the stressed urbanites.
Numerous studies have proven that viewing Nature reestablishes mental clarity and calm. As it turns out, just being in an environment with Nature – whether real or simulated on a screen – is promoting positive emotions and is associated with heightened mental energy.
As our motto “Sync with Nature” we strive to bring nature spirit as truly and lively as possible back to compensate for the artificial
industrial atmosphere. Natural calming ambient helps to increase productivity and creativity and strengthens concentration.

Key features and benefits:
• The 4K or HD resolution and very high image sharpness of recordings are made by Blue Ventures e.U. and    also suitable for multi-screen playback to create a more immersive and relaxing atmosphere to any room.
• Acoustic system Sorround or stereo nature sounds with or without soothing music. 
• Ultra HD TV or Projector provides the perfect depth of the image.
• Stylish hardwood frames let your decorative windows imitating a real window.
• Automatic playback of nature recordings of your choice.
• Automatic switching on / off upon a weekly or daily schedule.
Services and support
We work together with local interior architects and designers to create the finest artistic arrangement of vWindow fitting your settings and personal preferences. vWindow comes with three standard packages of 55, 65 or 75 inches of inner frame sizes.
vWindow can be experienced in the following locations: 
Störkamp 34
22851 Norderstedt Germany

Ordering inquiries
Please contact your local representative or solution reseller for more information or get in touch with us at: vWin(at)blueventures(dot)at